About Me


My earliest lessons in storytelling emerged on the re-election campaign trail for President Obama in 2012. From local barbershops, to Baptist churches, to porch stoops, I met Durham’s Black residents where they were, and heard how Obama’s policy agenda would affect their families and participation in November’s election. During these moments, I learned how to actively listen to breathing patterns, subtle pitch changes, and deliberate word choices that encapsulated the shared anxiety of millions of Americans that year. Amidst a fierce battleground campaign, with consequences far beyond my individual self, I fell in love with the art of storytelling and its power to expand how we talk about people, place, identity, culture, and politics.

Fast forward a few more years and a Master’s in public policy later, I found myself less interested in spending my days analyzing Stata results and crafting policy. I wanted to take a step beyond the data tables and bureaucratic approach to policymaking, to better understand the often messy, nuanced, and complex human narratives that make people tick.

Most recently, I completed a four month stint at Crooked Media." As part of the Development team, I helped to produce and provide editorial support to the weekly podcasts "Keep It!", "Hysteria,” and the nation's most popular political podcast, "Pod Save America." I also helped the Crooked team think through 2019 programming, with an emphasis on Black and Latinx political content and talent.

In between taco truck trips and yoga classes, I also help produce Black millennial stories with the You Had Me At Black tribe, which IndieWire just shouted out on its “The Best Podcast Episodes of 2018” list.

An Inglewood, California native (yes, the beautiful backdrop of HBO’s Insecure), I started my media career at NPR member station Michigan Radio, where I was a Production Assistant for its daily news program, Stateside. I am a graduate of Spelman College (B.A. history, magna cum laude) and the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, University of Michigan (M.A. public policy).

When I’m not working, I’m legit probably thinking about or eating carne asada tacos, scrolling thru Twitter, trying my darnedest to avoid a morning run, truly embracing my love of “Netflix and chill,” applying a face mask, devouring/dreaming up a new podcast, reading a good POC-penned book, or on a flight headed to see you.